Captain Paul Messenger     
Ranging from conventional cargo ships to Superyachts, having chosen my
vocation in the Merchant Navy at the age of 13, made Officer at the age of
19 and Captain at 32 the sea is and always will be my life and so I strive
to command only the best vessels and exceed their Owners expectations,
Captain and train only the best crews and work with only the most
professional support available in the industry.

This site is aimed at profiling myself so that I can achieve the above
goals, if possible assist in improving the industry and help colleagues,
crew and others if and when required.
Paul Messenger
Master Mariner

Disclaimer. The views expressed on this web site are my own, unless otherwise specified, and not those of any other individual or individuals connected with the Information. Nothing included or said on this
web site is meant to offend anyone in any way. If this ever happens to be the case, I wish to apologise for the incident. All names, logos, and other outside material, or attributed to other sources, remains the
property of their respective copyright owners. All web design in these pages remains the property of myself that created and maintains the design.
All the information and photos of yachts are obtained freely from the Internet and should be used as a guide only and should not be relied upon as the sole source of information relating to its content. I am a great
believer in discretion especially in the Superyacht industry so I have tried to keep the information as minimal as possible but should any party believe that any content is not for public viewing then please do not
hesitate to contact me.
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